Quiltmaking by Norma

Year 70 Quilt

In Year 70 Quilt Norma says, “I know the moment; I was there”.  She draws on the traditional memory or album quilt with a seven-decade personal narrative that shows it takes a long time to become an older person with memories and experience.

Year 70 Quilt is arranged in a grid with printed images, each representing a memory.  In isolation the images become objects of contemplation that give meaning and value to the ordinary.  The commemorative quilt will perhaps, one day, leave a trace of an existence.





Family Making Things – Passing on Tradition 

Exhibition: ArtsPost Galleries, Hamilton, 6 December 2019 – 6 January 2020

Wall Quilts by Norma

Series Old Skills, New Quilts


Back from left to right: River of Tears, Fences, A Cold Wind Chills Us – When People Become Numbers, Our Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. Front: Comforting Coverlet.
Garden Abandoned by Norma Slabbert . Based on traditional Granmothers Flower Garden. English Paper Piecing.
All the Flowers of All the Tomorrows are in the Seeds of Today by Norma Slabbert.
Grief Sounded Like a Silent Prayer by Norma Slabbert
Series: Old Skills, New Quilts
English Paper Piecing


Series: Old Skills, New Quilts

Series: Old Skills, New Quilts
Suffolk Puffs
Series: While We Stitch Quilts

To see more on the While We Stitch collection, please visit Norma’s website http://www.normaslabbert.com

Series: Tumbleweed


Series: Story Squares
Log Cabin trinket & tool bags made with recycled fabric.