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 Family Making Things – passing on tradition 

 Exhibition at ArtsPost Galleries, Grantham Street, Hamilton
From:  6 December 2019 – 6 January 2020
Quilts by Norma Slabbert,  bobbin lace by Yvette Slabbert,  woodturning by Mauritz Slabbert

Our family makes things.  While we share a name and a passion for making, we have each mastered a diverse range of skills: Mauritz in woodturning, Norma in quiltmaking, and Yvette in bobbin lacemaking.

As makers we share a sense of attachment and dedication to materials and process.  Our work speaks of a long and slow production time and many years of practice. The end products may allude to notions of function and use; but it is also infused with personal ideas, creativity, and aesthetic choices.

We value the inherent imperfections of the human hand while focussing on craftsmanship, detail, and tactility. Every piece we make shows involvement, immersive work habits, hours of contemplation, and the spiritual power of repetition.

While our work is made in the spirit of our times and with the advantages of new tools and technologies, it is based on age-old techniques that honour tradition and skills that are passed down through many generations.

With this exhibition our family hopes to pass on the cultural heritage, the joy of making, and the inspiration to keep the making skills alive.

In the spirit of passing on the skills and techniques, both Yvette and Norma will spend time in the galleries to give talks and demonstrate their making skills.

Gallery talk by Yvette and Norma: Sunday, 8 and 15 December, 11am

Informal demonstrations by Yvette and Norma: Sunday 8 and 15 December, 12-3pm

Free entry 

ArtsPost Galleries and Shop, Grantham Street, Hamilton